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Whether based in Southampton, Bournemouth, Basingstoke, Portsmouth or Poole, the fact of the matter is that our businesses today are competing directly or indirectly in the global economy.

Workforce South aims to make a difference to Champions in the South by providing information and undertaking projects that would be beneficial to local businesses. We bring together Champions interested in their workforce and focus on the people agenda, attracting, retaining and supporting employees, whilst promoting the region as a great place to work.

Our key programme of work centres around:

Legislation & Knowledge

Through seminars and a half day annual conference
Closed LinkedIn page for advice and support

Business Ethics

CSR Toolkit
Responsible South – Sustainable Development Goals

Promoting the South region as a great place to work

Employment Pack

Shirley Anderson has over thirty years of experience in the HR industry. Earlier this year, she took up the role of Chair for our HR Forum which has recently been renamed ‘Workforce South’. Read the interview with the Chair here.


Responsible Business - Responsible South

Businesses are becoming far more aware of their social and economic accountability to their region, many already have implemented initiatives to this effect and Business South would like to help promote the good news stories around these and encourage new initiatives. Mark Smith, CEO of Southern Co-op is the Ambassador for the idea of ‘Responsible South’

Hear what Mark Smith has to say about being a Responsible Business in a one-to-one interview

In the autumn, business leaders gathered to hear about being a Responsible Business and how this aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Mark Smith says, “Responsible business is how a business makes money, not just how it spends its profits. Our premise is that business cannot operate in a vacuum – if society is not flourishing, business cannot flourish in the long term.”

Mark made the business case for tackling the Sustainable Development Goals both in terms of sales success and recruiting and retaining talent. Research quoted by the UN shows that 78% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that support the goals and 76% of millennials consider a company’s sustainability commitments when deciding where to work. This is a particularly strong driver of change in a region like the south of England, with low unemployment and where competition for the best talent is intense. 

Community Investment Toolkit 

Giving back to the local community can benefit both the businesses and the region by showing support as a Responsible Business. We’ve put together a list of some practical things for businesses to consider, along with a variety of organisations who can help with projects and programmes to start a local Community Investment journey:

Top Tips – Providing information on what businesses should consider and some useful contacts (a non exhaustive list)
Download PDF

Community Investment Business case - Some advice on how to introduce a Community Investment strategy into your workplace has been listed below.
Download PDF

Community Investment Strategy Template - This template has been designed as an example of how businesses could consider a Community Investment Programme
Download PDF 


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