4 July 2017 8:15am - 11:30am

Business South HR Seminar - 'What Workers Want - Do We Care?'

Meon Valley, A Marriott Hotel and Country Club, Sandy Lane, Shedfield, Southampton, SO32 2HQ


What Workers Want?
Do Organisations Really Care?

Today, many employers appear to be caught like the proverbial “rabbit in the headlights.” On the one hand they feel the pressure to drive costs down, to pursue an ever increasingly flexible firm model and to increase the demands on employees for higher and higher levels of performance. However, many intuitively recognise or at the very least, have a nagging doubt in the back of their head which says, but people will be key to our business/organisational success and I need to provide a good environment if I want to attract, recruit, engage, motivate, develop and retain them.

At this seminar, our guest speaker, Barney Ely, Hays Specialist Recruitment, Director  will present a new report on the subject of What Workers Want - Do We Care? The report is based on a national survey conducted in Quarter 1, 2017, which gathered 13,650 responses from across 12 specialist skilled and technical areas.

It will provide useful insights for HR professionals and business leaders on how to prioritise the things that employees and potential recruits value, to understand what tempts employees to change organisation and how much employees value pay increases when considered against other changes in the workplace. It will also provide a context within which HR Professionals and Business Leaders can balance the apparently competing demands of an affordable business structure and investments in people, to enable the apparent contradictions to be reconciled and “more for less” outcomes to be achieved.

Steve Jones, Skills for Business, MD
will present on Employee Engagement and Motivation. What is it and why is it important to organisations? Steve will look at some motivational and engagement tools that delegates will be able to take away to help build their businesses profit and success.

Discretionary effort, advocacy for the organisation, creating, facilitating connectivity, positive thinking, contributing to a healthy work culture and doing their jobs consistently well! We do not expect very much from our employees today- do we?

If recent statistics are to be believed only 1 in 3 employees are engaged in their work. Leaving 2 out of 3 employees disengaged. How many of those might be sitting in your business right now?

Changing all of this is possible though. It can be observed in many High Performing organisations and it can be observed in some parts of generally poor performing organisations. The Key to Achieving it is finding out what motivates our people and then aligning their motivation to the business, so everyone wins. The problem is that many organisations do not get to first base when it comes to the subject of motivation. Many leaders still see employees as a commodity. They do not view employees as their most valuable asset. Perhaps, worst still, they do not recognise that employees are their most unpredictable asset! If the right conditions are not there for them they can decide to leave organisations at inconvenient moments, fail to share vital knowledge, withhold their creativity, isolate themselves and break the links which connect them to others, produce negative energy, which drains their colleagues and sour the work culture and climate. Beyond this some leaders believe wrongly that it is purely the responsibility of employees to motivate themselves and keep themselves motivated through trials and tribulations created for them by others. They fail to recognise the responsibility that leaders have for motivating their people and over and above this they have little if any insight into how to motivate people. They tend to act as if “one size fits all”. Pay rises and dismissals will universally motivate everyone. This could not be further from the truth!

It is critical that HR professionals are armed with the knowledge and insights to focus their business leaders on the Engagement/Motivation issue. It is also critical that they are able to introduce their Line to the tools and techniques which can help Managers connect with employees and drive up their motivation.

Following completion of an online questionnaire (prior to the event), a bespoke report will be generated for each individual delegate.

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Business South Champions and HR Professionals from the region.

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  • Geoff Glover Geoff Glover Business South Chair of the HR Forum
  • Barnley Ely Barnley Ely Hays Specialist Recruitment Director
  • Steve Jones Steve Jones Skills for Business MD

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  • Business South HR Seminar - 'What Workers Want - Do We Care?'
  • Business South HR Seminar - 'What Workers Want - Do We Care?'

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