7 September 2017

Atlas Residential - Bow Square joins Business South in the Year of the Champion

Bow Square, the first build to rent apartment community in the heart of Southampton, is now open at the former Fruit and Vegetable Market

Business South was established in 2007 to be the independent representative of businesses in the South of England. The vision was to unite businesses, gain strength from this collaboration and make a difference to both individual organisations and the wider economy.

In the last decade, countless business connections have been made and 85 per cent of Champions are making connections and doing business as a result of being a Champion.

Beyond making connections between individual businesses, the Champion’s programme and the strength that such an influential group of organisations represents, has achieved a huge amount for the region. Together, the Champions have promoted the area, demonstrated the importance of their sectors, provided invaluable thought leadership, influenced policies and investment decisions and delivered on a range of projects.

Atlas Residential is the latest business to become a Champion. Their portfolio spans the US across 13 states and they actively manage owned properties in Texas and Florida. Atlas has expanded into the UK “build to rent” sector, bringing a new view on residential and adapting the successful US best practices in the multifamily market. They offer residents a better quality renting experience at their wholly-owned 279 unit development, ‘Bow Square’, in Southampton.

Located on the former Fruit and Veg market, this build to rent apartment community brings a unique offering that the city has never seen before. This luxury living provides accommodation with a difference with a professional management team on site to provide resident services, maintenance care, concierge and parcel assistance, local recommendations and organising resident events.

The development is named to honour the historical significance of its unique location. ‘Bow’ stands for ‘Back of Walls’ along which the development is built, which includes remains of some of England’s best-preserved medieval town walls.

‘Community and locality have been at the heart of the development at Bow Square’ says Stephanie Smith, UK Portfolio Director from Atlas Residential. ‘We strive to provide a better living experience for our residents. Having an on-site team to provide assistance is integral to this ethos, creating an atmosphere and comfortable lifestyle that people want to call home. Our team lives locally and bring insight for their residents into all the city has to offer with a sensitivity to the area around us. We recognise the importance that we work with the community, both inside Bow Square and in the greater city centre, to embrace the steeped history of the city. Our team has thoroughly enjoyed becoming part of Southampton and is keen to continue building relationships with the local community and businesses around us.’

'I’m really excited to have Atlas Residential come on board as Champions. Bow Square offers premium modern living in the heart of the city and the principle to provide such a community based offering and linking with local businesses is the start of a great journey for Southampton. The South offers a multitude of reasons to locate here and adding Bow Square in the mix, strengthens this message further.” says Leigh-Sara Timberlake, Champion Director at Business South.

Bow Square is being delivered in three phases. Squire Court and Webb Court will be the first to complete in October this year. Bridge Court, on the corner of Bernard Street and Queensway, will complete next summer and Exchange Court will follow shortly after in October 2018.

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