22 January 2018

Bishops Printers joins Business South as the first Champion of 2018

Portsmouth-based Bishops Printers has joined Business South as the first Champion of the year

Business South was established in 2007 to be the independent representative of businesses in the South of England. To unite businesses, to gain strength from this collaboration, and to use it to make a difference to both individual organisations and to the wider economy.

In the last decade, countless business connections have been made, and the Business South network has grown to 200 members. 85 per cent of Champions are making connections and doing business as a result of being a Champion.

Beyond making connections between individual businesses, the Champions programme and the strength that such an influential group of organisations represents, has achieved a huge amount for the region. Together, the Champions have promoted the area, demonstrated the importance of their sectors, provided invaluable thought leadership, influenced policies and investment decisions and delivered on a range of projects.

Portsmouth-based Bishops Printers Ltd is the latest organisation to join the network. Established in 1985, the family-run business has now grown to become one of the largest specialist B2 lithographic print firms in the UK.

Leon Windsor, General Sales Manager, Bishops Printers said:

“As a long established and reasonable-sized local business, Bishops Printers is pleased to become a Business South Champion. Our aim is to grow our operation, network with other businesses in the area, and attract and retain the best talent in order to realise our objective of being a recognised centre of excellence, and a business to which the best candidates aspire to join. We believe this vision is very well aligned to the values and objectives of Business South and we are delighted to be involved.”

Leigh-Sara Timberlake, Champion Director at Business South, said:

"We're excited to welcome Bishops Printers as one of the first Business South Champions of 2018. As a business with goals that align with the objectives of Business South, we look forward to working with Bishops Printers as we continue to help develop local economy growth."

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