7 February 2019

Interview with Chewton Glen Hotel, members of the Business South ‘Luxury South’ Action Group

Hear from Katie Burns, Regional Sales and Events Director at the Chewton Glen Hotel. Katie talks through Chewtons Glens history and why they decided to be involved with Business South and the Luxury South Action Group

Tell us about Chewton Glen and its history

Historic documents suggest the luxury Country House Hotel & Spa was built in the early eighteenth century, with land and premises known as "Chewton Glen House" appearing in 1732. Its famous literary link threads through the decades and centuries. Capt. Frederick Marryat stayed for periods of the 1840's, gathering material for his famous novel "The Children of the New Forest". Clearly, the captain was inspired by the hotel's exquisite location on the edge of the New Forest, set upon 130 acres of beautiful grounds.

Accordingly, many of the hotel's rooms are named after "The Children of the New Forest", and of the captain's other novels and characters. Between 1947 and 1967, Chewton Glen had three different owners. But it was the Duval family who first made Chewton Glen a hotel. No doubt its family-owned influence has sealed it as the family-friendly retreat it is today. The Skan family purchased it from the family in 1966 and transformed it into its current guise. The Skan then family sold the hotel in 2007 to private owners who were previously long standing guests, with a long-standing love of the hotel. Now, Chewton Glen continues to develop, winning countless national and international awards and accolades. From being an author's inspiring forest retreat to the "Best Country Hotel in the World", it has a captivating past, and an exciting future.

How is Chewton Glen a Luxury hotel?

Chewton Glen creates life long memories for everyone who stays with us, whether it be for a relaxed weekend away or an extra special, once in a lifetime celebration. For us luxury is about giving our guests an experience which they cannot get anywhere else, be this from the warm welcome they receive to the individually designed bedrooms with lots of little touches, to the award-winning spa or our iconic Treehouse suites. Therefore Luxury to us is about a feeling, a memory and the want to return time and time again.

Why is Chewton Glen a Champion of Business South and involved in the Luxury South Action Group?

Chewton Glen has been a champion of Business South since June 2009, we believe the group encourages business leaders from all industries to come together to promote proactive and positive activity which deliver economic growth throughout the region and being part of the Luxury South Action group will only drive us more to create engagement with all the luxury brands that the South has to offer.

Why is the South a great region to have a Luxury Business?

It is often said that we live in a microclimate and I would also argue that where the New Forest meets the Solent Coast we also benefit from several unique micro-markets too. Chewton Glen has tapped into the local wealth and enterprise in the region since it was founded 5 decades ago and over this time continual investment in the world class facilities such as The Spa and more recently in The Treehouses and The Kitchen Cookery School by James Martin has continued to broaden the hotels appeal to a local, national and international audience.

Chewton Glen remains the mothership for Iconic Luxury Hotels and although all of the properties in the collection are completely unique they share the same values and cultural behaviours that were bottled on the edge of The New Forest




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