19 February 2019

Southampton City Council launch Wellbeing@Work

Southampton businesses are being invited to find out how they can benefit from improved profitability thanks to a new Wellbeing@Work service that’s being launched by Southampton City Council

Aimed at helping organisations to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce, the scheme has the additional advantage of boosting bottom line profits, through reduced absenteeism and increased levels of productivity.

It is estimated that the average cost of sickness, absence and staff turnover is eight per of a businesses’ payroll. It has become widely recognised that proactively investing in staff health and wellbeing is the positive and modern way of improving business performance, and is in contrast to the demotivation and stress associated with more traditional cost cutting methods or having an overburdened workforce.

The Wellbeing@Work scheme has real benefits for both individuals and businesses:

  • Healthier people means less sickness absence
  • Happier people means less staff turnover
  • Engaged people are more motivated, innovative and productive

Business and HR managers of organisations in the city can join the mailing list for regular newsletters, providing health and wellbeing information and resources linked to health campaigns which can be download for use on Health & Wellbeing Noticeboards in the workplace.

Southampton based businesses can also access free 1:1 support to turn good intentions into a proper costed and embedded business strategy.  The service includes wellbeing surveys, policy templates, access into individual health improvement services and peer networking. 

Cabinet Member for Aspiration, Schools and Lifelong Learning, Councillor Dr Darren Paffey said: “We’re proud to have successfully bid for funding in order to set up and launch this important project. It’s a common sense approach to running a business, but in an ever increasingly fast paced work environment it’s often easy to lose focus on what delivers a company’s profits – the people that work for it.

“The Wellbeing@Work scheme does exactly this, it helps businesses to re-focus on supporting their most vital and important asset – their workforce. I would encourage anyone who employs staff in the city to tap in to this invaluable resource.”

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