Surrey County Council

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107 County Hall, Penrhyn Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, KT1 2DN

There is a two tier system of local government in Surrey, the county council and the 11 district and borough councils. Generally, the county council is responsible for the more strategic functions and services such as education and social care whereas the districts and boroughs provide more local services. Some functions are shared between county and district.

County council’s responsibilities

  • Birth, marriage and death registration
  • Education
  • Fire
  • Highways – including on-street parking, traffic management, and street lighting
  • Libraries
  • Recreation, arts and museums
  • Social care
  • Strategic planning
  • Trading standards
  • Transport
  • Waste disposal

District and borough council’s responsibilities

  • Collection of council tax and non-domestic rates
  • Environmental health
  • Housing
  • Leisure centres
  • Local plans and planning applications
  • Public conveniences
  • Waste collection

Parish and town council’s responsibilities

Surrey also has a number of parish and town councils. They have differing responsibilities. Contact The Surrey County Association of Parish and Town Councils (SCAPTC) for further information.