Champion Membership

Champion Membership

  • An exclusive peer-level platform for CEO’s and Directors;
  • Champion-only networking and collaboration;
  • Uniting business leaders to strategise and lobby for better outcomes;
  • Recognition through your CSR objectives;
  • Utilise Business South marketing, PR and digital platforms;
  • Sponsorship and exclusive speaker engagement opportunities;
  • Participate in Action Groups;
  • Exposure to over 5,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses;
  • Bespoke packages are available to include specific activities of interest


* Full membership fee determined by application. Business South will be in contact once application is submitted. 

Step 1: Details
Your name, or a primary contact for the application.
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Your telephone number, or the telephone number of the primary contact above.
The company for which this application is for.
Your job title, or the job title of the primary contact above.
We recommend a strong password which does not include your name or company..

Step 2: Declaration