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We want everyone to know about the medical breakthroughs in our region

With thousands of people employed in the health sector across our region, Business South is keen to work with health providers to raise awareness, highlight business opportunities and engage the business audience.Business South is keen to link the health sector and businesses and help identify opportunities.

One example of this is the connection initiated by Business South between University Hospitals Southampton (UHS) and Carnival UK. This initial connection developed and UHS are now providing health services on board Carnival UK’s cruise fleet.

"Last year, we saw the fastest growth in commercial partnerships in the history of the organisation," Mel Rankine, Commercial Director, University Hospital Southampton.



Cruise industryDRIVING INNOVATION IN HEALTHCARE - In Conversation with Mel Rankine

We regularly hear about pioneering developments in our city’s hospitals, from world-leading research studies to revolutionary operations.Mel explains the succesful partnerships the hospital has with business and industry.

“In the past year alone the hospital has performed the first kidney stone procedure using a 3D model, trialled a novel air-cleaning device to cut asthma attacks and created a new two-part diabetes screening test.

“Yet innovations at Southampton’s hospital doesn’t end on the wards or in the laboratories, they extend far into business and industry.

“Earlier this year, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust formed a partnership with the cruise company Carnival, which now sees hospital staff working with ships' doctors and nurses to provide a range of services on land and sea.

“These services include the assessment and repair of ship medical equipment, specimen testing and the examination of x-rays and scans for distribution anywhere in the world.

“Following its success, the project has already extended into the provision of antibiotic advice from consultant microbiologists and the creation of an intensive care training package.

“This unique partnership which brings the Hospital Trust and the cruise industry together for the first time, is just one of the ventures being developed with businesses.

New entrance UHSFT“Another exciting project sees the hospital main entrance transformed as a result of a private sector partnership.There will be a double height atrium, a brand new reception desk and seating area – and, for the first time, there will be a multi purpose public space that may be used as a venue for musical performances.

“Through this joint venture with Interserve Prime, the Trust is exploring other long term opportunities, such as the development of a new multi-storey car park, and the possible addition of a hospital hotel.Last year, we saw the fastest growth in commercial partnerships in the history of the organisation and we are passionate about ensuring we keep up that pace.

“The hospital works closely with the University of Southampton and the Wessex Academic Health Sciences Network to encourage SMEs and larger companies to develop new and innovative products and solutions that will provide real health benefits to future patients both locally, nationally and internationally.

“In the longer term, our vision is to develop the idea of a ‘health village’ away from the hospital site, which would bring together healthcare organisations and commercial enterprises in areas such as rehabilitation; combining the benefits of science and research to transform patient care.

“While this particular idea is a few years off, the hospital has already established close working relationships with a significant number of local companies with developments as diverse as waste to energy, 3D printing, chemotherapy dispensing software and a unique surgical treatment for acid reflux.

“So my message to businesses is that commercial development is high on our agenda and can really help to develop and energise healthcare. We hope to build on a very successful period of developing innovative business partnerships within the Trust and I’m personally really excited about the opportunities ahead.”

Source - Southampton Magazine

“University Hospital Southampton is proud to be a member of Business South.  As one of the largest organisations in Southampton it is important that we maintain close contact with the local business community and Business South provides that vital link.

"Their meetings are always informative, provide great networking opportunities, and the Trust has formed some excellent relationships with local companies as a direct result of membership.”

Mel Rankine, Commercial Director, UHSFT Mel Rankine, Commercial Director, UHSFT

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University Hospital, Southampton

University Hospital, Southampton

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