About Us

Who are Business South?

Business South is an independent and influential organisation. We connect leading employers to promote the place & Champion the economy in our region.



To connect business leaders to drive economic prosperity and support social well-being.

We all want:

  • To be the place where employers, employees and entrepreneurs want to live, work and thrive
  • A place where people from all over the world want to visit, enjoy and return to
  • A connected place which encourages responsible leadership and collaboration, with a strong community ethos
  • A place proud of its people and investing in their futures
  • A place which encourages and celebrates aspiration, achievement and success
  • A global showcase for our leading industries, pioneering technologies and knowledge economy
  • A place which is founded on values, innovation and culture, offering a high quality lifestyle, in a unique, diverse environment, with an abundance of opportunity for all

Our VISION is for the Business South region to be recognised nationally and internationally, as a preferred location of choice, able to attract and retain talent, driving increased opportunities for investment and business.

We work strategically across the South Central region to unite business to influence positive change, while retaing a focus locally on key sectors and projects. We aim to put businesses in the driving seat and to tell the story of a region that is the best place to do business that offers so much in terms of investment potential, innovation and growth - in short it is a great place to do business, to live and to learn, rest and relax.                

We want to showcase the employers who are investing in their community and shout about the responsible business leaders who, for example, demonstrate a corporate conscience by engaging in the talent and skills agendas. By doing so, they support the work of Business South in Championing the economy – and boost the number of jobs and opportunities.                                                                                                                                                                     


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